Upcoming PTA Events

Wednesday 26th June 2024
13:30Reserve date for Lower School Sports Day
Friday 28th June 2024
13:30Reserve Upper School Sports Day
Saturday 29th June 2024
12:00Summer Mayfield Centenary Garden Party
Tuesday 2nd July 2024
16:30New Kindergarten Parents Evening
Wednesday 3rd July 2024
14:00Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Kindergarten Sports Day (reserve)
16:00Pre Nursery Key Workers parents evening
Thursday 4th July 2024
16:00Pre Nursery Key Workers parents evening
Friday 5th July 2024
09:00Nursery & Kindergarten to Sycamore Adventure
Monday 8th July 2024
13:30Moving up day
15:30Parents Open Evening
Wednesday 10th July 2024
18:00Lower III prizegiving and play to parents
Thursday 11th July 2024
08:30Lower III Farewell Party at school
Friday 12th July 2024
15:30End of Summer Term