British Science Week

British Science week took place at Mayfield with enthusiasm and creativity. The theme this year was ‘Connections’. Every class took part in Science activities involving the theme. Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Kindergarten went on a trip to the farm to explore the connections between animals and our world. Kindergarten also enjoyed connecting the animal faces together as part of the topic. Transition and Upper II had a go at bridge building and explored the connection between weight and strength. Lower II investigated vibrations when building a seismometer. Form I  observed the lifecycles of a butterfly and frog – which have the theme of connections and wrote explanation texts involving colours including chromatography, travelling food colours and fruity sweets. Form II were crime detectives for the day and had a go at fingerprinting their own fingerprints to explore the connections between them! Finally, Lower III were thinking like Victorians to solve a range of problems using techniques from the era!  Due to the bad weather, the VR animal workshop was postponed, but took place the following week and was enjoyed by all! Well done to all who entered the poster competition. Voting was held after school and throughout the next day where pupils, parents and staff could vote on their favourite posters and a winner was chosen from each age category with a joint winner in the Upper II/Lower III category. The winners were: William from Kindergarten, Esha from Form I, Jiya from LII and Reet and Karram from Upper II. There posters have been uploaded to the British Science Week competition website and we await the final results! Good luck!