Chinese New Year

Gong Hei fat Choi!

Happy Chinese New Year from Mayfield! The children at Mayfield spent the day celebrating the Chinese New Year. This will be the Year of the Rabbit and in our whole school assembly, Lower III pupils performed the story of how each Chinese year is named after an animal. They had a great race and the years were named according to the order in which they finished. One of the highlights of the day was the Chinese Dance workshop, where the children in every class re-enacted the Great Race through the medium of dance. As you can see from the photographs, every class had lots of fun making all sorts of Chinese paraphernalia, such as lanterns, dragons and bunny masks, Lego Giant Pandas, envelopes, bookmarks and, most thrilling of all, there was a competition to build the best model of the Great Wall of China. Lower III pupils spent a happy hour constructing their Great Wall of China out of recycled cardboard boxes. The close up photos show the intricate detail of the brickwork, too. Transition’s Great Wall of China is hanging from the washing line in their classroom. Form I made the longest Great Wall of China out of Lego, Upper II constructed each individual brick from nets, Lower II made a ‘human’ Great Wall, while Form II built theirs out of biscuits, yummy! All in all, the day was a great success and the children and staff had a marvellous time.