Safer Internet Day

Today the Children of Mayfield will be hearing about Safer Internet Day 2021.

The theme this year is trustworthiness on the internet, fake news and how to manage it – children should be encouraged to check things they see and read on the internet through other sources such as other websites, books and through talking to people.

Our two key eSafetey words at Mayfield are reinforced at this time, Control and Communicate. Children should always aim to stay in control by blocking, stopping, closing, reporting or logging off if something makes them feel unhappy or unsafe. Children must also be encouraged to communicate if any of these things occur. They can communicate with a parent, teacher, older sibling or other safe adult – a problem shared is a problem halved and this means that the children can begin towards a solution with support.

If you have the opportunity, please talk about at this at home over the next couple of days with your children.

Kind regards


Mrs Hawthorne