Oxford Reading Buddy

For any parent who was unable to attend the Oxford Reading Buddy presentation yesterday, a copy is available here:

Oxford Reading Buddy

Here are some of the answers to the queries that were raised:


Oxford Reading Buddy Queries from 8th October 2019

Your child’s log ins should be sent home at some point this week.

The system can be accessed on an ipad/ tablet directly through safari- there is no app available.

The website cannot be accessed through a kindle, it needs to have web access.

Oxford Reading Owl have acknowledged there are a few ‘teething’ problems with the site namely books being unable to load and the system being slow. This is being investigated and any updates on this will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

In the interim please try another browser i.e. google chrome or internet explorer.

There is no dictionary option on the site but any unusual words are underlined with an option to click on it to explain its meaning. If there are a number of words within the text that children are unsure of, it is suggested the reading level may be too high for them.

When completing the quizzes at the end, a new tab will need to be opened so that the book and quiz can be accessible at the same time. Oxford Reading Buddy are working on this, so that eventually both the e-book and quiz can be opened simultaneously.