Welcome back to Mayfield everyone at the beginning of a new school year!  I would also like to extend a very warm welcome to all the children and their families who have just started at Mayfield. Speaking with many of the children and parents in the last few days, it seems that everyone has enjoyed a lovely summer holiday and that it has gone by far too quickly! Personally, it has been the best summer I can remember, particularly with regard to the fabulous weather and to the fulfilment of long-held dreams!


At the end of the first week back at school, the children all seem to have settled in quickly and the school has got back into a smooth rhythm. I have spent a happy week looking in on all the different classes. The children have been having a wonderful time, and while there may have been a few tears from some of the new starters in the Nursery and Pre-Nursery, the tears have quickly dried and been replaced with smiles! All-in-all, it has made me immensely proud to see Mayfield buzzing with purpose and everyone happy to see their friends and teachers again!


Tomorrow is an important day for our Lower III pupils, as the Birmingham Schools Entrance examinations will take place, then a week on Monday the Walsall and Wolverhampton Schools entrance examinations will be held. I am sure everyone will join me in wishing all of our Lower III pupils all the best in both exams.


This year’s theme is ‘Communication and teamwork’ and next week we look forward to briefing you all at the parents information evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday, where we shall communicate our expectations and clarify the school’s procedures. Wednesday’s meeting will be followed by an informal welcome in the school hall arranged for new parents to the school.


Finally, I wish everybody a wonderful start to the new year at school and I remind everyone of our motto: ‘Believe it! Achieve it!’



Mr M Draper