Mayfield Preparatory School Bike Ability Training

Lower III took part in their Bikeability course last week to learn and develop safer cycling habits and how to correctly cycle on today’s roads. Over two days they completed their Level 1 and Level 2 in National Standards for cycling.

The course is delivered to The National Standards for Cycle training level 1, level 2 and level 3.

Level 1
Training takes place off-road in a safe environment to develop basic control skills. Pupils need to be able to ride a bicycle prior to attending the course and have a roadworthy bicycle of an appropriate size.
Level 1 outcomes include:

Carry out a simple bike check
Get on and off the bike without help
Start off and pedal without help
Stop without help
Ride along without help for roughly one minute or more
Make the bike go where they want
Use gears correctly (where bike has gears)
Stop quickly with control
Manoeuvre safely to avoid objects
Look all around, including behind, without loss of control
Signal right and left without loss of control

Training takes place in a realistic on-road environment. To continue to Level 2 pupils must have attained Level 1.

Level 2 outcomes include:

All Level 1 outcomes
Understanding positioning on the road
Start off and pedal without help
Turning in and out of minor to major roads.
Turning in and out of major to minor roads