Mayfield End Of Year Summary 2015 – 2016


 I have always been fascinated by numbers. History records the first development of written numerals in Sumeria (modern day Middle East) around 3100 BC. Ancient Romans used letters to represent numbers, such as V for 5, C for 100, and so on. Ancient civilizations around the world, including China, Japan and Egypt developed numbers and counting systems, but none of them had a number for zero – the Greeks could not decide on philosophical grounds whether the concept of nothing could be symbolically represented! The value of zero as a place holder is enormous, however, and in the 5th century AD, zero appeared in India. By the 12th century, the modern day system of Hindu-Arabic numerals was being used across Europe and Asia.

Here are some interesting numbers for us:

1 ISI school inspection report published in September, which gave judgements of excellent or outstanding in every area, with exceptional for the quality of pupils’ achievement and learning, the highest grades a school can be awarded;

2 trophies at the Dudley Music Festival, with our Junior and Senior Choirs both triumphant;

4 Bronze, 4 Silver, 2 Gold, 1 Kangaroo and 1Olympiad in the Junior Mathematical Challenge (for 11 – 13 year olds);

1 County Chess Champion; 1 Suprema in the Staffordshire Chess Megafinals – Amrissa; 10 County Chess players at U9 and U11;

2 representatives at national level – Amrissa in chess and Anaisha in martial arts;

7 school records broken in the Swimming Gala;

180 LAMDA awards for acting, public speaking, verse and prose;

80 pupils taking musical instrument lessons in piano, violin, cello, guitar, flute, clarinet, trombone and trumpet; 39 graded awards from the Associated Board of the Royal Society of Musicians;

20 awards from the Royal Academy of Dance from Preliminary to Grade 2;

20 interschool sporting fixtures this year, including football, netball, rugby, swimming and the 10thMayfield cross country meet, hosting 7 schools.

 15 House competitions, including the House Merit Cups, quiz, football, rugby, cross country netball, chess, Swimming Gala, Music Festival,  two Sports Days and the newcomers this year; the House Shout and the Pancake Races.

19 school trips this year, including Nursery and Kindergarten to Sycamore Adventure, Transition to the Botanical Gardens, Form I to Woodland Adventure, Lower II and Form II to Cadbury’s World, Upper II to senior schools such as King Edward’s and Aldridge, and Lower III to Snowdonia for a week!

211 pupils in the school; 41 members of teaching staff, 8 administrative and maintenance staff, 9 visiting sports and music teachers;

1926 was the year the school was founded as the prep department of Queen Mary’s High School, meaning next year will be the 90th anniversary of the school, and Mayfield became an independent school in 1944;

£2908.05 raised for charity by Mayfield in this school year;

£4896 raised by the PTA in various events, including the Quiz, Christmas Fayre, Second hand uniform, Easyfundraising, Easter Fun Day, Valentine’s Disco and the Summer Garden Party;

£5,225 contributed by the PTA during this academic year to the school on a Zumba workshop, Theatre visit in the Early Years, Magic Maths workshop, Life Education Bus, Friendship sign for the playground, LIII Memory Books, Prom contribution and a new school Piano – many thanks parents;

30th place in the Sunday Times League Tables for Mayfield – our 5th successive year in the top 100 out of over 500 prep schools in the UK;

66% of 5 year olds in the UK achieved a ‘good level of development’ in 2015;

83% of Mayfield Kindergarten students ‘achieved a good level of development’ this year;

77% of 6 year olds in the UK in 2015 met the required standard in the Phonics Screening Test;

96% of Mayfield Transition students met the required standard in the Phonics Screening Test this year;

79% of Mayfield’s Form I students achieved the national expected standard in the more challenging national curriculum SATs tests in reading, writing and mathematics this year;

53% of 11 year olds in the UK achieved the national expected standard in the more challenging national curriculum SATs tests in reading, writing and mathematics this year;

100% of Mayfield’s Lower III students achieved the national expected standard in the national curriculum SATs tests in reading, writing and mathematics this year;

24 students in Lower III; 37 places offered at selective independent, state and grammar schools, 5 scholarships offered for academic ability, drama and music;

Congratulations to all the children at Mayfield for their fabulous achievements this year.

None of this would have been possible without the energy, commitment and enthusiasm of the pupils, Staff, parents and Governors. This is a great school. Let us continue to work together to make it even better and give our children the best possible start in life. Believe it! Achieve it!

Have a lovely Summer break everyone and I look forward to seeing you again in September.

 By Matthew Draper, Headmaster